People’s Produce

The People’s Produce Project is our signature initiative. It is a grassroots neighborhood-based initiative which began in October 2008. This initiative aims to use food to re-energize and re-connect people to their neighborhoods, explore opportunities to address food security, and honor our legacy of environmental stewardship in Southeastern San Diego (SESD).

The program components include creating:

  • (a) A Certified Farmers Market which accepts and promotes food stamp use and provides a venue for economic opportunities for urban growers and entrepreneurs, free health screenings, and education and referrals
  • (b)Community Gardens & Farms that encourage and rely on volunteerism to grow and share food; and Edible landscaping – multi-functional landscapes that provide returns (fruits, vegetables, etc.) on your investment of water, fertilizer, and time. These urban agricultural projects will be guided by industry experts including landscape experts, master gardeners and resident garden enthusiasts;
  • (c)Evaluation Plan which provides an assessment of change by examining social factors that determine / influence wellness, attitudes and practices of residents, and the physical surroundings
  • (d) Community Engagement – a sustainable process of building relationships with community members who will work side-by-side with the organization as ongoing partners, as we improve access to healthy foods and build an agenda to create an equitable and sustainable foodshed in Southeastern San Diego.