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Project New Village

Project New Village serves as a catalyst for local residents, business, academia and government to work together to build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life and to stimulate collective investment in better health.

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Food Leaders of the Good Food District- Issue 1: Vision and Addressing Racism

August 8, 2017

For Project New Village, “Food Justice” is their platform for change. It is their lever for combatting inequities and institutionalized racism. Diane Moss, Managing Director of Project New Village, explains that an alternative and equitable food system would “produce different …

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Fannie Lou Hamer Legacy Celebration – 8th annual fundraising event – 101st Celebration

August 22, 2017

    101st BIRTHDAY GALA: PROJECT NEW VILLAGE HOLDS IT’S 8th ANNUAL FANNIE LOU HAMER LEGACY CELEBRATION AND FUND RAISER   This year’s event marks the 101st Birthday for Mrs. Hamer and we plan to do it right on Thursday, …

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